Monday, August 30, 2010

Washcloth "Lollipop" Bouquet

One of my good friends is about to have her baby any day now.  We are so excited because our boys will have a new playmate.  Since her baby's arrival is right around the corner, I was thinking about what I wanted to bring to the hospital when we go to visit them.  When I had my boys, friends and family brought flowers, plants, balloons, etc.  When we got home, I did not have the time or energy to water the plants I received, so I decided that I did want to bring a bouquet, but this bouquet was going to be made out of something my friend could use (and didn't have to water ;)...WASHCLOTHS! 

Yesterday, after we got home from another friend's baby dedication, I got to work.  (Daddy was home so he could watch the babies for a little while.)  I rolled washcloths into "flowers" and secured them with pearl-studded floral pins.  I covered the "flowers" with lollipop wrappers, inserted a lollipop stick and tied them with a ribbon.  Each flower lollipop is embellished with a charm (blue pacifiers, bottles, rattles, onesie charms, rubber ducks, etc.) and was placed in a terra cotta pot tied with a cute "It's a BOY" ribbon.  Of course, I had to take a pic and send it to my mom to see if I had gone overboard with the cutsie stuff.  We brainstormed a couple of things to add not necessarily change.  I think I will paint the pot next time.  Check back for more pics!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Handmade Cards & Neutral Diaper Cake

I love making cards whether it be a thank you card, holiday card, birthday card, etc.  As much as I like looking at cards in the stationary section at Target or perusing the thousands of cards at Hallmark, I think a handmade card is so much more personal and shows the recipient that you really care.  While the babies were napping today, I finished up another diaper cake for a friend's shower in a couple of weeks and created a card to attach to the cake.  She is choosing to be surprised with the sex of her baby, so I made a gender neutral cake and a card to match.  For the card, I chose an embossed green polka dot cardstock and an aqua colored cardstock.  The yellow chipboard "b" (represents "b" is for baby) is accented with an off-white bow.
"b" is for baby

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Save the Dates

Here are a couple more save the date examples:
Same colors and materials, but this time I used a floral printed paper.

Same colors and materials, but I added a monogrammed square for the couple's last name.  I hand stamped the "g".

Friday, August 13, 2010

Save the Dates

Well, it's official!!  I'm making the invites and such for Becky and Diego's wedding!  Yesterday, after Auntie Laura left :( , the babies and I spent some time in my scrapbooking "studio".  For the first time they were entertained by their ocean activity mat.  Brady loved watching himself in the mirror and Matty loved the flashing lights and sounds.  While they played, I got to work on some save the date examples for the soon-to-be Kohn-Garcias. 

Becky and Diego have chosen black, white, and purple as their colors, so I've chosen to use black cardstock as the base and black and cream paisley paper for the next "layer".  I also used cream cardstock.  The event information is printed on vellum.  The vellum was attached using purple ribbon.

This save the date also has a hand-stamped calendar on the cream cardstock.
Hopefully, the babies will cooperate and I'll be able to do some more layouts this afternoon.  We may have to wait for daddy to get home since I've had to type this using one hand ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Pictures!

Here are some pictures of some of my other projects...
Great accordion album ready for your pics.  There are several journal spots too.

Cover of accordion album

My first diaper cake!  Three layers of newborn diapers accented with giraffe printed ribbon for a jungle-themed baby shower.  The cake is decorated with baby necessities like diaper cream, baby powder, lotion, and more.  A large lotion was used as the central support.  I also attached a pacifier, toys, and a very cute Baby Einstein lion toy.  All items are brand new and purchased from a major retailer.  My next diaper cake will be made with larger diapers.
Cute calendar!  All of the calendar supplies (numbers and months) are stored in the back of the calendar. 
Custom scrapbooking for any event, trip, milestone, etc.  I've shown a couple of sample pages from our trip to Seattle in 2009.  I can create any layout to accomodate the amount of pictures or journal spots that you want to include.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Escamilla Designs

I'm very excited to announce my latest adventure....Escamilla Designs!  Now that the babies are here and I am officially a stay at home mom, I've decided that I need to do something to occupy my time (LOL!).  Actually, I decided that I needed to try to replace my teaching income and what better way, but by doing something I love to do.  I love to scrapbook, create cards and invitations, and other arts and crafts.  This past weekend, I made my first diaper cake for my dear friend, Chava's, upcoming baby shower.  I had so much fun making it!  Who knew I could roll diapers and rubber band them while holding a baby ?!?!? ;)  Now that my youngest sister, Becky, and her boyfriend, Diego, are engaged I've been having so much fun creating invitation and announcement examples using their wedding colors.  There are so many possibilities!!!  I've really enjoyed myself, so I thought I could do this and possible make some this is how Escamilla Designs was started!!  I can make custom invitations, announcements, save-the-dates, programs, place cards, scrapbooks, diaper cakes, and other handmade gifts.  Check out my website: for more information and pictures.

Cute for a baby announcement or baby shower invitation
Black and white inspired by Becky and Diego's wedding colors
More black, white, and purple...The "g" is for the soon to be Kohn-Garcia's
More baby shower invitations or announcements

More pictures coming soon!

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